Saturday, August 3, 2019

Poem (lyrics): "I wanna fuck you" by Tony Sokol

I wanna fuck you
Tony Sokol

I don't wanna talk about what I don't want
Dinner and a movie can wait 'til later
I say we cut the bullshit and do some serious fucking
Take a shower and fuck again.

I got viagra and ecstasy - let's both take some
We can fuck to pass the time til they kick in
You okay with this? Then watcha still dressed for?
Come on over - let the fucking begin.

CHORUS: We can do a million things
But I think we should fuck
we can talk and we can laugh
but we can do it while we fuck

I want to put my tongue inside you
and very gently lap you up.
We'll do it over here and then against that wall there
Lying down and standing up


BRIDGE: I wanna fuck you
I wanna fuck you
I wanna fuck you
I wanna fuck you
I wanna fuck you

Come on let's just fuck
Fuck the clubs, the noise the traffic,
Fuck the cabs, subways and buses
Fuck the toys - the whips and leather
fuck the strap-ons and let's just fuck




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