Sunday, February 14, 2021

Full Length Review: Everdawn "Cleopatra" (The Laser's Edge) by Dave Wolff

Band: Everdawn
Location: New Jersey
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive symphonic metal
Full length: Cleopatra
Format: Compact disc, digital album
Label: The Laser's Edge (New Jersey, USA)
Release date: February 5, 2021
It’s only their debut album but “Cleopatra” is already establishing Everdawn as having potential to blow Lacuna Coil, Leaves’ Eyes, Tarja and Within Temptation out of the water. “Cleopatra” is symphonic metal with a rich, full atmosphere that sounds recorded by a full orchestra though only four musicians and a vocalist were involved. Everdawn started in 2014 as Midnight Eternal (who released one EP and one full length) and their current lineup boasts bassist Mike LePond (Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, Ross the Boss, Symphony X) and Alina Gavrilenko (Haven Dream, Snowmaiden, Случайные Связи) joining guitarist Richard Fischer, keyboardist Boris Zaks and drummer Dan Prestup. Producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swano who has worked with bands like Opeth, Dissection, Nasum and Therion mixed and mastered the final cut and successfully brings the band’s strengths to the surface. With his assistance the band’s arrangements, performance and the surrounding atmospherics are delivered with poise, elegance and a composite of each era of metal hearkening to Armored Saint, Savatage, Virgin Steele and Omen. Everdawn manage to introduce a gothic feel to their musicianship, occasionally coloring it with cold keyboard sounds, adding to the epic journey you undertake. The well-rounded inclination of “Cleopatra” allows for a distinct multifariousness in the material. Each song has its own context and you don’t feel compelled to adjust to each different mood. Gavrilenko is the consummate addition to Everdawn as her vocals adapt to each changing temperament while presenting a sensation of an opera. As needed, her vocals can be soaring, somber or serious. Her adaptability is a significant factor in Everdawn’s capacity for evolvement. “Cleopatra” is available for streaming on Bandcamp in a 24 bit hi res version as well as the original. –Dave Wolff

Alina Gavrilenko: Vocals
Richard Fischer: Guitars
Boris Zaks: Keyboards
Mike LePond: Bass
Dan Prestup: Drums
Thomas Vikström: Guest vocals on “Your Majesty Sadness”

Track list:
1. Ghost Shadow Requiem
2. Stranded In Bangalore
3. Cleopatra
4. Your Majesty Sadness
5. Infinity Divine
6. Pariah's Revenge
7. Lucid Dream
8. Heart Of A Lion
9. Toledo 712 A.D. (instrumental)
10. Rider Of The Storm
11. The Last Eden

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