Monday, February 22, 2021

Full Length Review: In The Company Of Serpents "LUX" (Independent) by Gene Olivarri

Band: In The Company Of Serpents
Location: Denver, Colorado
Country: USA
Genre: Sludge/doom/stoner metal
Full length: LUX
Format: Vinyl, CD, digital, deluxe vinyl (sold out), test pressing (sold out)
Label: Independent
Release date: May 15, 2020
Welcome back to the tomb all you ghoulish metalhead freaks. Tonight we rip and tear worlds apart with the grand beautiful release of In The Company Of Serpents’ “LUX”.
Imagine, just imagine, being sucked into this black hole of every emotion the mind produces, plus more, with the most enlightened sounds that could be recorded. That's what this album is. It's a mind-blowing unique brand of heavy sludge, occult, doom, with a stringy spaghetti western twist that's so different. I being the head demon around have been through every level of hell and I found this a wonderful twist of music from behind a door no one noticed.
“LUX” is like a journey to many worlds one can't even think of. Literally, you are space truckin’ in purely unknown corners of the mind. The feel this band produces is devastating with heavy, bomb-dropping, powerful riffage. The music is hypnotizing as if occult wizards are keeping you in a powerful trance. It just keeps you falling into these different worlds the album has made.
This band has an occult vibe at times. Eerie black metal guitar picking and down-tuned open notes throw your mind into every universe In The Company Of Serpents take you to. There is a BORIS [experimental from Japan] feel at times with some drone. This band has such a dark concept of making music. I really didn't expect to hear something like this but I can honestly say they found a fan in me. The music is wonderfully paced with catchy parts and a huge bass and drum sound and they’re in perfect sync with the down-tuned guitars.
Grant Netzorg (vocals, guitars)’s talent cuts like a box of razors. His approach is really unforgettable and his vocals are amazingly delivered at different levels. Ben Pitts (bass, lap steel guitar) has great tones with a doomy Celtic feel. J.P Damron (drums) displays many textures of evil and beauty as if he recorded the drums in my tomb, or as if a portal from the sky opened and he was the key master with devastating, pounding hits.
Please buy this album as In this band is insanely awesome. Their cover art has a completely beautiful and gorgeous layout. You will not be disappointed with In The Company of Serpents; I honestly was blown away my hat goes off you guys.
That's it for me; I’m going back to the tomb. Before that I will look for the mailman to rip him apart for a feast. Remember my ghouls KEEP SUPPORTING ZINES AND UNDERGROUND MUSIC, AND MOST OF ALL KEEP THRASHING!!!!!!!!! –Gene Olivarri

Grant Netzorg: Vocals, guitars
Ben Pitts: Bass, lap steel guitar
J.P. Damron: Drums
Paul Primus: Violist D’amore on “Daybreak” and “Nightfall”
Ethan Lee McCarthy: Guest vocals on “Scales of Maat”
Ben Hutcherson: Guest vocals on “Scales of Maat”

Track list:
1. The Fool's Journey
2. Scales of Maat
3. Daybreak
4. The Chasm at the Mouth of the All
5. Lightchild
6. Archonic Manipulations
7. Nightfall
8. Prima Materia

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