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Full Length Review: Various Artists "A Monster’s Halloween" (Devil’s Brew Productions) by Corban Skipwith

Artists: Various Artists
Genres: Punk, rockabilly, psychobilly
Format: Digital album
Label: Devil’s Brew Productions (USA)
Release date: October 13, 2021
As the spooky season comes ever so close, it turns out it’s not just the seasons that change it’s also the music! Because today you will get a very ‘skeletal’ addition of an album review!
Welcome everybody to
*A Monster’s Halloween* by Various Artists 💀👻🎃
I have to be honest, before I started listening to this album I didn’t know what to expect. At the very least I was thinking it was going be a lot more of a ‘heavier experience than it turned out to be! I mean I was thinking straight Death metal, Sludge metal, Black metal, Doom metal, I guess I’m kind of biased into thinking that because I don’t normally get given soft metal albums to review.
As it normally is when someone gives me a band to review it’s normally on the heavier stuff and look I’m not complaining and on the other side of the spectrum I wouldn’t complain if it was softer stuff for once, All I’m saying is since I’ve been doing the reviews I very really get ‘soft’.
So you can imagine my surprise when I found out that this album is full of so many softer yet groovier types of genres that I just wasn’t expecting!
To give you an idea of the kind of music I’m talking about we have everything from rock ‘n’ roll to blues to (well we have a bit of horror punk) but what I’m getting at is that I wasn’t expecting this kind of a ‘monster party’ and I have to say I’m not the less bit disappointed! This album goes hard!
You can tell they’re going for a real novelty effect on this album you have all the classic B-side horror movie stuff from Dracula to The Werewolf to characters like The Mummy or The Hunchback and they don’t just mention these characters they also do the voices as well!
You can hear everything from The Werewolves' howl, Dracula’s laugh, and other characters’ voices like the Witches laugh, humans screaming it’s an absolutely fantastic trip of all things spooky and classic!
There’s even a track called ‘It’s My Halloween Party (You can Die If You Want) which has this awesome dance vibe to it mixed with some classic horror samples and sounds it’s just a bloody fun time!
One thing I will say is from a personal standpoint I’m so disappointed that the modern-day Horror Punk king Wednesday 13 wasn’t featured on this album! This would have been the perfect complication album to feature on!
But nonetheless, this is something that I don’t get to say with all reviews A REALLY FUN TIME! You know the thing with ‘Novelty’ albums is that there needs to be a certain time and day for them, but when that time and day arrive (such as obviously Halloween) that’s when these types of albums shine and let me tell you now there will be no better album to listen to for Halloween then this one!
So, all you ghouls and goblins! What are you waiting for? Crack open a fresh can of blood, get your spider stew off the stove and let’s have a night so good it’s TERRIFYING!! –Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Vanick - Vampire Awakening
2. The Tomb Tones - Dracula's Brother
3. Short Stack and Sides - Werewolf Blues
4. Sean Keller & Friends - The Monsters Trick or Treat
5. Ghoultown - Mistress of the Dark
6. Corpse Fighter - Boogeyman's Boogie
7. Wanton - Halloween Forever
8. Dr. Snik - It's My Halloween Party (You Can Die If You Want)
9. Isaac Rother & The Phantoms - I'm A Ghost
10. Zombina & The Skeletones - How To Make A Monster
11. Coffin Jockeys - Zombaby
12. Vaudeville Smash - Zombies Ate My Neighbours
13. The Grave Slaves - Devil in Disguise
14. The Rotten Tommys - Wolfman
15. Bobby Youngblood - Monster
16. Radioactive Chicken Heads - Frankenchicken
17. Bamboozle - Red Right Hand
18. The Coffinshakers - Return Of the Vampire
19. Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls - The Zombie
20. The Griswalds - Zombie War
21. The Joeys - Punks From Outer Space
22. The B Movie Monsters - Lil' Red Riding Hood
23. Velveteen Monster - Here Come The Witch
24. Mummula - My Baby's Turnin' into a Wolfman
25. The Jack O'Bones - Do You Believe In Werewolves
26. Guitar Slingers - The Fly with The Xray Eyes
27. The Tomb Of Nick Cage - Pet Sematary [Ramones cover]
28. The Spaceballs - Rockabilly Ghost
29. Horror Is Dead - Dead Man's Party [Oingo Boingo cover]
30. The Blackrats - King of Monsters
31. Girl Over Planet - Rolling With The Creeps
32. 5-ó-Matic's - Up Jumped The Devil
33. The Eyelids - You Make Me a Zombie
34. The Hurricanes - Evil Dead
35. Psycho Devilles - Night Prowler
36. The Nukesons – Bodysnatchers
37. The Lantern Men - Halloween Party
38. Contessa & The Squires - Vampire In Space
39. Count Spookula - Spooky Skeletons
40. Governor Grimm and the Ghastly Ghouls - Raise the Dead
41. Circus Rhapsody - Monster Inn
42. The Earls Of Satan - Voodoo Woman
43. The Barntwisters - Howling at The Moon
44. The Go-Go Killers - Werewolves In Heels
45. The Taters - Monsters' Holiday
46. The Bama Lamas - Hungry Teenage Wolfman
47. Christian D & The Hangovers - Vampire Rocker
48. Ratbatspider - Halloween 365
49. Running From Daylight - Dig Up Her Bones [Misfits cover]

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