Friday, July 14, 2023

Poem: "Night People" by M Teresa Clayton

Night People
M Teresa Clayton

As the sun is slowly setting
and we are called to our bed
the night people have awakened
to the demon inside their head.

The dusk is settling over them
calling them out to play.
Soon the darkness will overcome
the sanity of their day.

They blindly follow revelry
wherever the demons will lead,
forgetting the lessons of yesterday
and the words they promised to heed.

The night people thrive on weakness
pulling you down into their hole,
keeping you under the spell of night
'til you have sacrificed your soul.

The lost will venture out once more
as the night repeats itself again.
They never learn to suffer well
against the morning's pain.

Then comes the sunrise upon them
as they quickly retreat from the day.
Sadly, some are lost to the night
having rendered the Piper his pay!

As the day reveals all unto itself -
where man can tend his tomorrows -
the night people run and hide from themselves,
enveloped in yesterdays sorrows.

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