Friday, July 14, 2023

Poem: "Changeling" by Kay Irvin

(c) Kay Irvin

Take all that I am
I have nothing more left to give
"Be strong" ... is clanging
Abide and hide secrets that live

The schoolyard and field are empty
Tether-game chains resonate chime
Funny thing, is time
Funny thing, is time

Cold, shaking fingers cannot play
Swings and slides wait for tiny hands
No one understands
No one understands

I've met some like you
Familiar, fatherly-strangeling
But numbness saved me
And released this, darkly changeling

Stoical daughter has come home
Shivering, little girl has grown
Raggedy memories remain
Metal maypoles, streamers of chain
Unsettled, lingering refrain

And no one really knows ... the child who comes and goes

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