Friday, July 14, 2023

Poem: "Grandiosity" by Alan Lisanti

Alan Lisanti

A great Sun
Reflects in the pupils
Of weary eyes
Fireballs inside the nebulae
Of flesh alive and soul survived
In the brilliant death of another day's light
That took thwarted efforts with it
As a thief of time
Constantly reconstructed ruins
Reassembled to ensure continuation
Of futile exercises
When the ashes of failures
Should forge new dawns
I dug into these soils that reject
Every offering as something
This Earth did not want
I bathe in the grit of the underbelly
Cleanse my wounds in the dirt
Feed on your distance
Take solace in the silence
That is immortal
Sustain myself on the blatant disregard
As my shadow's shrunken stature
Is but a reflection of all one's essence
Relegated to new form-miniscule
Among the colossal world
I stave off the eclipse
For as long as possible
Ever closing and imposing
It approaches to devour all
Absorb all matter and expand itself
Beyond comprehensible perceptions
For I am just an insect
A single molecule
In its infinite galaxy
Humbled by the past and
The sheer weight of it all
Armed with all that and more
I seek my stake in it all
And pierce its heart
Deflate its claims
Straight through the Sun
Like shattered ceiling
Raining flames and ash galore
Incinerated skies and
Molten Earth for cure
Circumvention of the Earthen cell
And human shell
I deserve more

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