Friday, July 14, 2023

Poem: "Struggle" by Alan Lisanti

Alan Lisanti

routine is dull
resistance is futile
rinse and repeat
redundant reducer
where have I gone
chisel the anchor
teeth chipped on rust
always forever
under this debt
with the weight of a feather
under this now
perpetual outcome
paid upon owed
suffrage and penance
clock ticks of doom
pendulum misses
cyclical torture
aimed at and vicious
shed my own skin
undone to escape it
ripples in oceans
insignificant changes
there is a day
for us all
that is fleeting
all of them gone
dull of their meaning
hours to send
into oblivion waiting
at distance-existence
reminds one of void there
unto me then
the wall of volition
how did alone
become the condition
senselessness that conceals
time will tell
or time will take it
liberation or death
tragedy or redemption

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