Sunday, February 8, 2015

CD review: RECKLESS REDEMPTION Origin Of Destruction by Dave Wolff

Origin Of Destruction
Turkey Vulture Records
Reckless Redemption from Illinois have existed since February 2011 and are heavily influenced by metalcore bands that emerged in the 90s and 2000s such as Sevendust, Lamb Of God, KIllswitch Engage and Slipknot. Within those influences are some noticeable traces of classic thrash and guttural vocals somewhat likened to death metal. This is evident from the opener “Abyss” that starts with a somber theme that slowly moves toward heavier vibes, and “Blinded By Fear” and “Pure Hatred” with their technical similarities to 80s thrash. However the groove, crunch, harmonies and hooks on Origin Of Destruction are basically metalcore that should prove of value if you grew up with the bands Reckless Redemption cite as influences. Not to say it’s a run of the mill album in the slightest; the material is strong and full of controlled energy acknowledging its roots in no uncertain terms. And the more I heard in the songs, the more I wanted to hear as the track list went on. Many of the guitar progressions, the way they are written, channel energy toward making each track more personal to the listener while sustaining your attention throughout. -Dave Wolff