Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CD review: TERMINATION FORCE Grind Thrashing Death by Tony "Reborn" Juarez

Grind Thrashing Death
You don't hear many new bands playing Death/Thrash the way they used to do back in the day. Most new bands either go fully Death Metal or fully Thrash Metal. TERMINATION FORCE is not exactly a new band, but they are a young band. They started a few years ago as CRUSHER, I believe playing the same style they do now. As CRUSHER, they released a couple demos, and then they changed their name to TERMINATION FORCE. Their album we are talking about, "Grind Thrashing Death," is the band's debut album, which includes all the songs from their first demo and a couple tracks from their second demo.
Their music is mostly fast, a few mid-paced parts, aggressive; their drumming is complex and energetic. They mix elements from bands such as DEMOLITION HAMMER, DECEASED, MORBID SAINT, DARK ANGEL, etc. There are also some Grindcore and Punk parts that remind me of NAPALM DEATH and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER; some riffs a la SLAYER as well. It's very refreshing to listen to a band like TERMINATION FORCE, you'll never get bored listening to them (unless you listen to the album 100 times in a row, hahaha), because their style isn't monotonous at all; it's very versatile. I can picture one of their shows and see total chaos: non-stop mosh pit, stage diving and bodies flying everywhere.
When in doubt, just read the album title, and you will get an idea of what you are about to listen to.
TERMINATION FORCE is one of the bands to keep an eye on' I can wait to hear new stuff from these guys! -Tony "Reborn" Juarez