Sunday, February 8, 2015

CD review: SEVERANCE Suffering In Humanity by Tony "Reborn" Juarez

Suffering In Humanity
Goregiastic Records
SEVERANCE has been in the game for a very long time; their humble beginnings go back to 1989 (around that time, very interesting things were happening in the metal world). They released 3 demos, a couple EP’s, and an album before this one. In fact, “Suffering in Humanity” was originally released in 2006, so this is a bit old. To be honest with you I've never heard any of their earlier stuff of their previous album, so I'm not sure how much their style has changed through the years. Their style in this album ranges from Brutal DM, Technical DM and old school DM; think of DEVOURMENT meets INCANTATION meets CANNIBAL CORPSE. If you guys remember, back in 2006 there were very few bands playing Death Metal the way they did back in the late 80’s-early 90’s. In this album, SEVERANCE were bringing the necro-Death Metal sound with tracks like “Consumed” and “Cleansed” and "Reborn Again".
This album features a new vocalist, Mike Mena; he is a very capable Death Metal vocalist and fits their style very well. This album features 12 tracks of brutal, heavy, dark, and memorable tracks. The last track is actually an outro that features a cello solo. There's also a cover of "Fatal Predictions" originally created by PENTAGRAM (Chile); this track does not sound much like the original, but I'm sure they wanted to do their own version. This CD also features a bonus video clip of "Consumed" that I'm sure you can watch on your computer.
The band is still active until today, I haven't hear any of their new stuff, but I'm sure if they put the same effort and passion as they did in this album, they won't disappoint you! -Tony "Reborn" Juarez