Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zine review: REBORN FROM ASHES Issue #8

Still more killer artwork adorns the front cover and inside of this zine, designed by editor and publisher Tony Juarez (yet another interviewee in Autoeroticasphyxium) with Adam Franke and Mark Riddick. In his editorial Juarez explains that he intended to take a break from publishing Reborn, but reconsidered and decided to publish another issue in 2014 besides a special issue dedicated to extreme metal from Mexico (to be released in 2015). It would be somewhat similar to the book Swedish Death Metal, only in fanzine form. This issue’s interviews are with Into Darkness from Italy, Rude from the States and R’Lyeh from Mexico. Plus a lengthy section of zine and CD reviews. Only three interviews are included in this issue but they are informative and cover much ground for the bands and have a feel of conversations taking place with each band member. The printing places more emphasis on the featured artwork and there is an advertisement added for Riddick and Riddickart. I personally look forward to the release of the special issue spotlighting Mexican metal and anticipate which bands will be reviewed and interviewed for that issue. -Dave Wolff