Thursday, December 8, 2016

CD Review: DISCHORDIA Thanatopsis

Dischordia is a U.S. progressive, death metal project based in Oklahoma. “Thanatopsis” is their fourth release spanning their first EP released in 2011. A foreboding, commanding feel introduce “Thanatopsis” before slowly building into a melodic, death metal feel as uncompromising as it is technical. Switching styles from melodic to the sheer brutal and unrelenting death metal allows the musical diversity of Dischordia to be appreciated before shifting into a brief, instrumental, melodic conclusion. A progressively heavier and more brutal approach applied consistently throughout this release allow the extremely tight technical aspects of Dischordia to stand alone. Unexpected additions of classical instruments and spoken word intervals add an additional creative aspect to “Thanatopsis” before resorting back to their uncompromisingly brutal and technical approach. Guttural growls combined with a distinct approach ensure the brief instrumental intervals provide a welcome interval before continuing the ear shattering wall of sound customary of Dischordia. Lyrically, a distinct depressive yet well written feel is consistenly applied throughout “Thanatopsis” exposing another aspect to be appreciated within this consistently progressive and technical release. A progressive, unapologetically creative release with a rich technical brutality. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Thanatopsis I: The River
2. Thanatopsis II: The Road
3. Thanatopsis III: The Ruin
4. The Curator
5. 22°
6. An Unlikely Story
7. Bone Hive
8. Madness
9. The Traveler

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