Monday, December 26, 2016

CD Review: XOTH Invasion of the Tentacube (Independent) by Victor Varas

Invasion of the Tentacube
When extreme metal bands create melodic stuff with “guttural” vocals, or “black metal” vocals, there are many risks to take care, as it doesn’t always give good results. Sometimes, vocalists follow the same line of all instruments, and it can sound a bit cheesy, predictable and tired. This band has some of these mistakes, although I admit music impressed me a lot in certain parts. Coming from Seattle, Washington, these guys created a very distinctive debut album, with tons of progressive elements, complex guitar riffs, and melodic stuff. Actually, everything seems to be tied in modern structures with high doses of progressive metal, heavy metal spirit, and (thanx Satan!) an excellent-incisive bass guitar performance. I liked the music because of twin guitars lines, melodic phrases, and good performance of all instruments, that denotes people with extensive experience in progressive music. It seems like they don’t fear to include complex sections, united by great arrangements, and I admire the 100% effective result. My favorite one is “Transcending the Energy Harvest” which sounds really apocalyptic and chaotic, surrounded by tons of black metal elements and good taste in crushing lines. My only complaint is the vocalist. Sorry, but I hate it. Hopefully next time he will create better stuff. Peace. -Victor Varas

Track list:
1. Tentacles of Terror
2. Antediluvian Annihilation
3. Terramorphosis
4. Transcending the Energy Harvest
5. Invasion of the Tentacube
6. Digital Mausoleum
7. Ancient Sentient Ooze
8. Universal Death
9. Consciousness Void

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