Monday, December 26, 2016

CD Review: WARFIST Metal to the Bone (Godz ov War Productions) by Victor Varas

Metal to the Bone
Godz ov War Productions
This is forged in a very peculiar mix of explosive thrash metal and alcoholic black metal, with thick roots in punk, and rabid hardcore music. Of course, we are talking about a Polish band with a lot of experience in fast metal music and extremely raw attitude. Is there any doubt? Well, just listen to the excellent piece fury called “Written with blood”, which should have been the opener track of the album, btw. Coming from Zielona Góra, these guys have cleared that extreme metal music comes from rock n’ roll, so everything here has the essence of the genre too. It’s like if you are listening to early German thrash metal bands like Destruction, Tank, Sodom, etc. This is an entity with tons of musical skills, crushing guitar riffs and well-conceived arrangements in all instruments. Also, I must say that everything here is composed for playing in live shows, so you can imagine truly apocalyptic mosh pits with the band. As aforementioned, this is a great album of thrash metal with superlative musical arrangements and metallic spirit on every single note. No weak ears here please. -Victor Varas

Track list:
1. Pestilent Plague
2. Written with Blood
3. Convent of Sin
4. Tribe of Lebus
5. Breed of War
6. Metal to the Bone
7. NecroVenom
8. Playing God
9. Reclaim the Crown

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