Saturday, December 3, 2016

CD Review: MIST OF MISERY Absence

Black Lion Productions
Mist Of Misery is a Swedish depressive, black metal project formed in 2010. “Absence” is their second, 2016 full length release. The haunting and emotive quality is evident throughout their music from the first instrumental track- aptly named “Melancholic Thoughts”. Mist Of Misery has attained an excellent balance in between the brutal aspects of their customary sound while adding an almost orchestral quality to be appreciated on this release. Beautifully crafted lyrics leave another aspect to appreciate about Mist of Misery- a quality consistent throughout “Absence”. Brutal, melodic and a consistently melancholic atmosphere add a dramatic feel to “Absence” while allowing consistent appreciation of their considerable musical talent. Raw and powerful vocals are accentuated by unexpected instrumentals are a constant within this release- providing the atmosphere to enhance a musically diverse experience. The instrumental tracks provide a welcome and musically intelligent break from the more brutal tracks allowing further appreciation for “Absence”. Morbidly and hauntingly beautiful with a distinct, raw black metal sound- “Absence” is a must for those who appreciate depressive and brutal black metal. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Melancholic Thoughts
2. Euthanasia
3. Absence
4. Final Departure
5. Epitaph of Penitence
6. Wistful Twilight
7. Paragon of Perdition
8. Mist of Misery
9. Serenity in Nothingness

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