Monday, December 26, 2016

CD Review: LECTERN Precept Of Delator (Via Nocturna) by Victor Varas

Precept Of Delator
Via Nocturna
Brutal! The essence of classic death metal from early 90’s is here, and these Italian guys also added doses of brutality and bad blood to the cauldron. Now we are talking! On the second album this band conceived a quite obscured and violent opus, and definitely they surpassed previous manifest with a better production, raw guitar riffs and bastardized gutturals at vocals. Of course this sounds technical, fast and a bit gore, but I refuse to affirm that they are following a trend, and they put arrogant guitar arrangements all over the place, absolutely not! Instead, this is a good example for a good death metal band that reached maturity musically speaking, and added correct sense to all these complex compositions. It’s not arrogant freaks, or sterile hipster-virtuosity. This is just a great album full of complex structures, thick guitar riffs, psychopath vocals, and massive wall of morbidity for your ears. It’s highly recommended for fans of Cannibal Corpse, (early) Vital Remains, (early) Vader, etc. Support death metal underground! -Victor Varas

Track list:
1.    Gergal Profaner
2.    Palpation of Sacramentarian
3.    Fluent Bilocation
4.    Distil Shambles
5.    Pellucid
6.    Diptych of Perked Oblation
7.    Garn For Debitors
8.    Precept of Delator
9.    Discorporation with Feral

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