Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Full Length Review: NOCRUL Eye Of Terror (Khrul Music)

Country of origin: Hungary, UK
Genre: Black metal
Release date: November 1, 2017
To express how I feel about this band, let’s see. Brutal in the best possible way. Stemming from my love of melody, piano and guttural vocals that send shivers down anyone’s spine. Each and every member of this band shows a form of musicianship I can only describe as painfully beautiful. I know, it may seem as if I’m describing some soft melodic experience, and to some maybe. With razor edge guitar and vocals, drums that can send a man or woman into a frenzy, this Hungarian black metal band has been added to my phone’s favorites list next to legends such as Burzum and Mayhem. In fact I have listened to The Eye Of Terror three times before I did this review, and will be a lot more in the days to come. Take a listen to this Hungarian black metal treat for the ears! -Patrick McGuigan.

Band lineup:
Khrul: Music and production
Noctis: Vocals

Track list:
1. Let The Ground Be The Grave Marker Of The Heroes
2. 13th Black Crusade
3. The Great Shame Lives On
4. Dark Purpose Of Madness
5. Destroy The Golden Throne
6. Hadex Anomaly
7. Forces Of Chaos

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