Friday, February 23, 2018

Full Length Review: SACRED LEATHER Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Ultimate Force
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Heavy metal
Release date: February 23, 2018
I was sent ''Ultimate Force'' by Sacred Leather. I had a few links to choose from, but these guys stuck out as the band that I needed to review. I knew instantly after listening to this for thirty seconds that I was going to highly enjoy this. These guys sound like they are directly out of the early to mid-eighties! Wailing guitar solos and thrashing rhythms blaze against the backdrop of well-played bass, well done ''80's style'' vocals and tight drumming. All of these tracks are heavy, but the one that stuck out the most to me at first would have to be the track ''Dream Searcher.'' Although written like a ballad, they still maintain their heaviness and aggressive leads. My favorite track after listening to all of this would have to be the last track, ''The Lost Destructor/Priest of the Undoer.'' Nine minutes of pure throw-back awesomeness, I would suggest this one to any fans of the genre or any form of heavier music. I can honestly say that while listening to this I was taken back to the age of twelve to fifteen. In my early years I was given a plastic bag filled with old cassettes from my cousin. These tapes really helped to mold my musical interests for years to come, even though these days I put my own spin on things. Still, this really has taken me back, and anyone into this kind of stuff should really check this out. It is Stellar! -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. Ultimate Force
2. Watcher
3. Power Thrust
4. Dream Search
5. Master Is Calling
6. Prowling Sinner
7. The Lost Destructor / Priest Of The Undoer

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