Saturday, February 24, 2018

Full Length Review: WET BOX Vita In Aeternum (Independent)

Country of origin: Canada
Genre: Post punk, indie, grunge, existential dredge
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Wet Box from Canada is another example of how grunge should have headed instead of being repackaged by the mainstream industry. I get much more from listening to the first couple of songs on Vita In Aeternum than I did from what was considered grunge before it turned into pop-punk. This goes back to the late 1980s before MTV picked up on the genre and made it a trend and fashion statement. I have a tendency to run this point into the ground, but the fact is you can’t be upper middle class and underground without risking the rug pulled out from under you on several levels. Wet Box points out the world of difference between forthrightness and slumming. Or honesty and jumping on the latest bandwagon. Vita In Aeternum represents sidewalk walking as opposed to going to Starbucks for a latte, and the idea that a genuine ‘fuck off’ is preferable to contrived politeness. I borrowed the tag “existential dredge” from the band’s Bandcamp profile because it sounded good and besides, there might be more to the description than it having a nice ring. I’m thinking of the relationship between the cover artwork (designed by Catherine Hennigar) and the first song’s similarities to the Jaws soundtrack. Does this symbolize man’s predatory leanings, or something even deeper? I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to decide. But I can say the songs have menacing themes to them, especially in the lyrics and vocals, that make Hole sound tame in comparison. Vita In Aeternum is more for fans of Lydia Lunch and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks than 4 Non Blondes and The Cranberries. It may come as a surprise that vocalist Dawn Collins is into yoga, according to what I heard from Devin Joseph Meaney who passed the Bandcamp link to me. You can read about this at Darkside Yoga and Dawn Collins Yoga at Facebook. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Johnny
2. Prophet
3. Ditch
4. Master
5. Wet Box
6. Tide
7. Babies
8. On
9. Savasana

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  1. its a genre defying album for sure
    inspiring and beguiling