Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Poem: 'And We Ain’t Going Home' by Craig Michael

And We Ain’t Going Home
by Craig Michael
Hey, voyagers from parental Guidance, set out travelling on your own…
Feel the world in your face, sometimes it feels so alone.
Your mama is waving goodbye, can’t look back.
Could never return, and you know why Mack.
At that age, welcome to the major league.
It’s either give or take, you will suffer from fatigue!
And you can never go back home.
Get your apartment, get your stuff.
Work some overtime just to say, we ain’t going home soon enough!
“Welcome to the real world”, the salesman says at your door.
Welcome to the hustle.
Don’t worry because soon you’ll be at the bar, begging for more.
Things going to drive you to drink, sometimes you’ll be fit to kill.
Can’t walk it off, you’re gonna support a liquor bill.
Because life ain’t that pretty, life is definitely is definitely unkind.
You’re going to be praying, life is that rough.
Telling your higher power, we ain’t going home soon enough!
So what if you’ve grown old, and that all you do is sit in a chair?
Hey, that’s life, and you only had your fair share.
Now I got my own problems, never know how I got involved.
Life brings it on, got too many problems to solve.
Veteran of love, elder ages of life.
Losing the game, can’t even hold a knife.
So who really cares, just the people you call your children?
If they turn away from you, what will you do then?
Veteran at life, wondering why you ever thought to bother.
The misery through the years you wanted to die, instead you prolonged it,
Becoming someone’s mother or someone’s father, Only hearing your children moan; “It’s Rough!”.
They say what you said: “And we ain’t getting home, soon enough!”
The Deathercizer
Page 155
Copyright 1988 by C.M.D All Rights Reserved
Republished upon permission 2017.

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