Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Poem: 'Normality Absurdity' by Andy Horry

Normality Absurdity
by Andy Horry

Hey you, you’re not normal,
Please! Stop pretending you’re normal.
Let’s face it,
You’re a freak on a rock.
You’re a weirdo on the grass,
you’re not normal
but you are beautiful.

You’re diverse, you’re complex,
you’re the claws on a t-rex.
I think you know deep down
you’re a freak but you’re really
quite invested in proving
that you’re not.

You’re invested in an illusion
that denies shit doesn’t come
out your arse. Oh no, I’m just a sweet,
innocent, well behaved normalton
with no weirdingtons in site.

There’s no weirdingtons in me man,
I’m a normalton, please believe me.

No, I don’t buy it.

No one is normal.
Get over it.
Thank you.

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