Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Poem: 'Netherworld Rapture' by Jerry Langdon

Netherworld Rapture
by Jerry Langdon, 2018

Ever since I touched that book
my reality has been severely shook.
This cold, bland place
bites deep into my essence.
Beaten by my own repentance;
ambushed as I pace.
Why am I here with this slime?
Justice is my soul crime.
Here in frigid darkness; I am the dirt.
Pain rains down upon me
until I can nolonger see.
I am broken and hurt.
As I succumb to the torture
I swear as darkness closes;
I see a light.
A door! Freedom from my rapture.
The pain never dozes
but I continue to fight.
I reach towards the light.
Lost in the maze
of these dark alleys
met by these junky scum.
I wander through the haze
of these derelict alleys.
Fearing the tortures to come.
They drive needles until I am numb.
But I see the light
and I fight.

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