Monday, September 30, 2019

Book Review: US AND THEM (Hugh R. Macdonald, CBU Press and Nimbus) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Author: Hugh R. Macdonald
Publisher: CBU Press and Nimbus, 2016
A few months back I had the pleasure of reading the book ''Trapper Boy''. It was an excellent story, and I am more than glad that I had the chance to give it a view. More recently (within the last few days) I managed to read ''Us and Them'', the second book in the series. As stated on the back cover, Us and Them is set in a 1920s Sydney Mines, and is the story of sixteen year old JW Donaldson, who interrupts his high school education to work in the coal mine to help support his family. A fatal accident in the mine awakens JW to just how dangerous working conditions are and to how management seems to care more about production than about the men and boys who are the means of that production. Us And Them is just as enthralling as the first book, and I encourage one and all to give it a read for themselves. Both Trapper Boy and Us and Them are heartwarming in parts, well written, and bring light to a past that was once reality for the citizens of Sydney Mines, Cape Breton (Canada). Written by the talented Hugh R. Macdonald, Us and Them is now a personal favorite I will probably read again in the not so distant future. I am now looking forward to the third installment, and other works that Hugh may release. Great job, Hugh! -Devin Joseph Meaney

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