Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Fiction: "Anarchy Man" by Jeremy Void

Anarchy Man
Fiction by Jeremy Void

I remember when I wanted to be a super hero named Anarchy Man. I even made a cape with a big anarchy sign on it and wore it to school. This really freaked people out.
My friend Ben told me about the movie A Clockwork Orange. Surprised I’d never seen it myself, he demanded that I watch it with him. He assured me that I’ll really be able to relate to Alex’s character in the movie.
I remember when I acquired white painter pants, a white button-down shirt, thick white braces, a pair of black steel-toed Doc Martins, a black bowler hat, and a single black fake eyelash to attach to my right eye—the only things I was missing were a white cog piece and a cane with a dagger inside and a fake, bloody eyeball to attach to my right cuff link——
School gave me an in-house suspension, and then an actual suspension, for dressing as such. They said I was promoting violence, when really I was making a statement about growing up and being controlled manipulated persuaded & directed by the evil forces that adults nominate to dictate the lives of us children at their schools———I Am Not a Machine || I Am Not a Machine || I Am Not a Machine ||
At this time I had yet to learn that there was a whole subsect of Punk called Clockwork Punk, where the kids emulate A Clockwork Orange.
The movie left a strong impression on us….
During the presidential election everyone in my school wore index cards, taped to their lapels, that said VOTE. I remember when I wrote DON’T VOTE on an index card and taped it to my lapel. We were 14 or 15 or 16. Don’t you think the Right to Vote is a bit of a moot point at that age: we were 14 or 15 or 16…. The teachers pulled me aside and said kids are getting offended by my radical defiance. The other kids’ index cards which said VOTE, were apparently telling you to Exercise Your Right to Vote, whereas mine was just telling you Not to Vote. I said but no, I’m telling you to Exercise Your Right Not to Vote; but this didn’t go over so well. My peers were offended; they couldn’t see through the veil of aberrations : : : they’ve been conditioned to think This Way and not That Way; they drank the Koolaid at a very young age; they’ve been mechanized || they wanted to make me tick tick tick like clockwork too….
I remember standing outside the school in a snow storm all day long manning the picket signs I had made the night before///all alone…. It was only a peaceful protest, until that one cunt stole my favorite sign and I yanked another one out of the bank of snow in which it stood, and reeled it back and sent it railing into her back…. I was suspended for that///
I remember when I was at the party in Boston and I was stoned and drunk and I took some pills and I was sneaking off at frequent, random intervals to huff the Axe Body Spray I had stolen earlier in the night and Samantha grabbed me and said: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING to yourself? I’m too smart, I told her. I’m Too Fucking Smart and I don’t fit in anywhere and I need to dumb myself down slow myself down wind myself down like a fuckin clock tick tick tock….
I remember when I wanted to be a super hero named Anarchy Man. I even made a cape with a big anarchy sign on it and wore it to school. Nobody got the joke….
It went over everybody’s heads,,,, and yet I was the one feeling so baffled & confused\\\
I remember when I wanted to be a super hero named Anarchy Man….

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