Sunday, July 12, 2020

Full Length Review: Arschloch, Der Das "Bad Trip" (Coyote Records) by Gene Olivarri

Band: Arschloch, Der Das
Location: Culiacán, Sinaloa
Country: Mexico
Genre: Goregrind
Full Length: Bad Trip
Format: Digital album
Label: Coyote Records
Release date: December 10, 2019
It’s review time! Today let's talk about Arschloch, Der Das, a very heavy grove goregrind band from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Their album “Bad Trip” is extremely well done and more people need to hear this band. The structure of the music is perfect and very well produced. I myself have been amazed with all the tongue and cheek songs written on this album, about everyone's favorite plant marijuana and cats. Every song is extremely heavy; the guitar tone and riffs are just so punishing and the bass playing is very on point bringing alive every fat riff in every song. It’s as this music should be played where you can hear the backing of the bass. This band really does it right on this album with guest appearances by Alex Gama of Hallux Valgus on the track “SL(am)igos.” The drumming on this track shows no mercy with unforgiving grind blast on the snare in such great taste. You can tell the drumming was very thought out by his patterns, plus his preciseness and timing is so perfect. He’s a very spectacular drummer and my hat goes off to him. The two bonus tracks are a cover of OingOingKui by Desgarre Anal. The song was slow and heavy, the dragging of the riff had fat bottom and pounding, and the singing is awesome as it is on every track; very clear and well balanced with the highs and lows. The second bonus track is “Living / Suffering,” a two minute cover of Dreka, a great porn/gore/filthy sex sleaze grind band from Italy. The song is so brutal it’s disgusting. –Gene Olivarri

Track list:
1. Marihuana (Ft. Kloe 90's)
2. 1000/36 (No Love For Cops, Only For Weed)
3. They Only Want Gore... But I Want Weed
4. Sickitisick
5. Illuminated (By Drugs)
6. Saca El Toque
7. Bad Trip
8. Sl(am)igos (ft. Alex Gama of Hallux Valgus)
9. 666 Weed
10. Get High!
11. PotPride
12. Pure Evil, Bro
13. Der Kiffer
14. OingOingKui (Desgarre Anal cover) [bonus track]
15. Living / Suffering (2 Minuta Dreka cover) [bonus track]

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