Friday, May 21, 2021

Full Length Review: The Beast Of Nod "Multiversal" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Location: Boston, Massachsetts
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive death metal
Full Length: Multiversal
Format: Digital album
Label: Independent
Release date: March 29, 2021
The term “blown away” sounds like an outmoded platitude, maybe even stereotypical when it comes to the perceived smarts of metal fans, but it’s relevant to my reaction to this album. And besides, any doubt of whether fans have it upstairs should be laid to rest upon exposure to The Beast Of Nod’s latest release. On “Multiversal” death metal meets symphonic metal and science fiction with an imaginative anecdote, superb musicianship and a few surprise guest appearances. For a relatively young band, The Beast Of Nod is fast approaching the category of musical genius, and worthiness of comparison to Dream Theater and Rush. The measure of a symphonic/technical death metal band’s potential, and the reason I appreciate such a band, lies in their display of prowess and dexterity, and ability to channel storytelling through their instruments. Think Blind Guardian crossed over with Dying Fetus and you have The Beast Of Nod’s alchemy. “Multiversal” continues a narrative the band has developed since their 2015 debut EP “Enter the Land of Nod”. It is an epic tale of good and evil, dating to prehistoric times and leading to the modern age, involving interstellar beings of ancient race and the possible fate of the entire universe. Since Hollywood has been in a funk for years, The Beast Of Nod tell their long running chronicle on their own independent releases. So to learn more about it, without massive advertising and media hype, you have to listen to this and their past releases. Though I’m entering in the middle of the movie so to speak, I find this album engaging enough to interest me in returning to the beginning and discovering the events leading up to this point. The band’s site features a rundown of the complete story and all its otherworldly characters, including The Super Eon Annihilator and Vampira Infernalis who are prominent figures. With encompassing atmosphere, sophisticated vibes, intricate guitars, bass, piano and keyboards, and inhuman blast, “Multiversal” is an ambitious album in every sense of the word. About those guest appearances I mentioned, look for accomplished musicians Joe Satriani, Nick Padovani, Michael Angelo Batio and others. –Dave Wolff

Paul Buckley: Vocals, lyrics
Dr. Gore: Guitars, compositions
Brendan Burdick: Bass guitars
Lord Marco Pitruzzella: Drums

Track list:
1. Flight of the Quetzalcoatlus
2. Contemporary Calamity
3. Intergalactic War!
4. Call of the Squirrel (featuring Joe Satriani)
5. Unleashing Chaos (featuring Nick Padovani)
6. The Plan for Multiversal Creation
7. Guardians of the Multiverse (featuring John Matos)
8. The Latent Threat
9. ShRedding OF the Cosmos (featuring Sanjay Kumar, Matias Quiroz, Michael Angelo Batio)

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