Saturday, May 15, 2021

Poem: "Soul Crushing Cry For Release" by Skitz J. Fitch

Soul Crushing Cry For Release
Skitz J. Fitch

Bitter sweet is the taste of you're death spicy and painful the taste of my flesh , rend it off me set me free from this prison of flesh let my inner dark fly beyond the borders of this bone cage , tie the rope tight my love for tonight I take flight until I hear the snap , release me for what I have done I can not undo the things I have said. my meaningless life end it all is given unto you , this pain to much the screams enough it drowns out all light and saps me of any fight I can't bear it anymore life is nothing empty and hollow like the street corner whore spreading it's legs to see the light of another day please pull that trigger swipe that blade take it all away , Void void is light void is life take it my darling take it tonight it was never mine to hold but it was always mine to give knock knock knock here comes the screams again please take it away please make it end .

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