Monday, January 17, 2022

Full Length Review: Hanibal Death Machine "A bout de soufflé" (M & O Music) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Hanibal Death Machine
Location: Montauban
Country: France
Genre: Industrial doom metal
Full Length: A bout de soufflé
Format: Digital album, compact disc
Label: M & O Music
Release date: January 3, 2019
I’m here today to introduce you to a band from France and this being their 2019 record I figured why not be the one to help shed light on this interesting nine track extravaganza!
Firstly, I have to mention that this album does take strength in the unpredictable. I didn’t feel much in the way of ‘sonic conceptuality’ meaning this record didn’t flow for me as strongly as other albums do, the nine songs provided didn’t flow into one other, more standing on its own two feet and representing its own unique flavour and style that’s solely it's own.
I picked up quite a few different styles and influences such as
-Hard Rock
-Industrial Metal
-Heavy Metal
-Alternative Metal
Which as you can probably guess by the list above that this thing would have the tendency to go in sharply different directions at any given time in the album without so much as a warning, it’s definitely a desired taste but I mean I can’t imagine there aren’t people out there who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of drastic change within a record when the mood hits.
The singing style is very raspy and deep, sung in all French so to me the lyrics aren’t understandable but you can still hear the emotion and the drive and passion within the vocal performances and within all the shifting madness that is this album it provides a nice stable balance to cancel out the chaos.
Look, if you’re up for something different and you're stuck for ideas then by all means give this a listen! It should provide any metal head with the rush they crave and the head bangers to rock out to! -Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. L'enfer
2. En guerre
3. Pantin d'acier
4. I have a dream
5. Le cliquetis de l'argent
6. Fer rouge

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