Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Full Length Review: Basalt Shrine "From Fiery Tongues" (Various labels) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Basalt Shrine
Location: NCR
Country: Philippines
Genre: Doom/post metal
Full Length: From Fiery Tongues
Format: Digital, vinyl, jewel case CD, digipak CD, cassette, special edition cassette, limited edition cassette
Labels; Electric Spark (Netherlands), Surrogate Rec. (Ukraine), Cruel Nature Records (UK), Three Moons Records (Poland), Aim Down Sight Records (Germany), Electric Talon Records (USA), PAWN (Ph), Harrowing Industries (Indonesia)
Release date: June 13, 2022
{Year: 2066 13:00, Day: Unknown}
How long has passed since I felt safe, with each passing minute of survival I lose a little bit more sanity, faith and empathy. At night is the worst for I have no resources for power, darkness my only constant as I grip my blade tight at hand I cry ‘How long’ just ‘How long’ has passed since I last felt safe.
It could be midnight, pre sunrise or fresh sunset I can never know, paranoia engulfing me, fear embodies me and as I saturate myself in {THAWED SLAG BLOOD} I utter the same useless prayer as my mother of old taught me.
‘O Father Who Are In Heaven, Forgive Thy Sins For I am just a imperfect vessel thus unworthy of judgment but always in need of your strength, in the lords name Amen’ muttering these words in the pitch of night is the last remaining source of ‘hope’ I have left, the world is gone lost {IN THE DIRT’S EMBRACE} the children’s laughter, the sound of glee on the radio, the mindless chatter heard between city to city all but a distant memory in a now dessert of pure anarchy and chaos…god help us all.
I, the lone survivor of this hell we call home. Cursed to perish while cowardice keeps me here to endure this living nightmare hour by waking hour, how many days has gone since I last felt the sunlight, only shadows remain on a world once beaming with life now just like me {ADORNED FOR LOATHING PIGS} confident that each step forward will be my last, oh mighty Lucifer who rule over these treacherous lands please spare me thy pain, days on end nothing but foul roadkill to quench my stomach, sickness follows, agony accompanies me {FROM FIERY TONGUES} I kneel waiting for the bliss of death but I remain unworthy.
In {THE BARREN AFTERMATH} of wreckage that once was ‘life’ I write to you this declaration that nothing is as it was, any unfortunate soul who happens to find these writings understand this. GOD. IS. DEAD. Nothing but ‘HE’ remains and rules dominion over this world, society was na├»ve to deny his existence, mocking his power we would, oh how ignorant we were.. LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT IS NO MORE, THE TRUTH HAS COME FREE and in my last cowardice breath I write.
‘How long?, How long until you too are forced to serve under HIS command’ with this I bid you my final words and my life. Truly God has forsaken us… long live ‘BASALT SHRINE’. Corban Skipwith

Rallye Ibanez: Bass, vocals
Bobby Legaspi: Guitars, Vocals
Ronnel Vivo: Guitars
Ronaldo Vivo: Drums

Track list:
1. Thawed Slag Blood
2. In The Dirt's Embrace
3. Adorned For Loathing Pigs
4. From Fiery Tongues
5. The Barren Aftermath

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