Saturday, June 25, 2022

Single Review: American Terror "Self Control" (EMP Label Group) by Corban Skipwith

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, punk, metal
Single: Self Control
From their forthcoming album “Where We Are” to be released July 8, 2022
Format: Digital, lyric video
Label: EMP Label Group
Release date: June 16, 2022
What a fitting band name for the latest single provided! Coming out a week ago now and honestly brings some of the most high energy, persistence and badass vibes then most I’ve heard all year!
Stylistically this songs like something you’d hear in the late 90’s, early to mid-2000’s ‘Nu Metal’ era it’s got those high energy vocal performances that only those bands seemed to hit! When I close my eyes I can hear acts such as ‘Dope’ or ‘Drowning Pool’ it’s very loud, very abrasive and 100% fun that you just can’t find anywhere!
I love the instrumentation as well, those slapping guitars and methodical drums work perfectly for this kind of single, the length makes for the perfect dose of sonic adrenaline that one would need for motivation to go to work, walk the dog, clean the house (or in my case write this review) because I can honestly say after a sleepless night and a 7am-4pm shift the day after the energy of this song helped me tenfold in getting the spike I needed to help let you all know how fucking good this track is!
So what are you waiting for? You tired? Play this! You’re not tired? Play this! There is no excuse because it covers all areas! Corban Skipwith

Brad Cox: Vocals
Pat Valley: Guitar
Murphy Karges: Bass
Rob Hammersmith: Drums
DJ Soulman: DJ

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