Thursday, June 15, 2023

"Creation of Man!" by Rich Orth

Creation of Man!
©Rich Orth 11/06/2022 1:46pm

around his neck
hung a cross...
what amounted to
his Christian albatross...
with little meaning
for he had no faith
only a demeaning
a caricature
of a feigning saint
false idolization
of himself...
oh, what a waste
years of idle prayer
clasping his idle hands
chattering to
visions invisible
to naked eyes...
clothed in
a cloak and dagger
imaginary world...
within his self-appropriated
devil's workshop
wherest evil is contrived
yet, exuded
by Samaritans
feasting upon blood
from stones of a rosary...
of vestments drenched
in coagulating
sanguinary of innocents
on this pretense
of a defined Hell
one created by man
to enslave other's minds
whilst feasting
on humanities carnality...
whilst feasting
on humanities immorality...
whilst pleasing themselves
on humanities venality...
whilst pleasing themselves
on a false narrative
of humanities spirituality...

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