Thursday, June 15, 2023

"Poverty, so prevalent" by Steven Michael Pape

Poverty, so prevalent
©® Steven Michael Pape 2022

Poverty, so prevalent,
In this god damn age
As it now hurtles forward,
Taking centre stage.

In the school classes,
At the chairs and the desks
We were not taught to revise,
For this long final test.

From the factories, we rise up,
Shop workers stand tall
The bricklayers down tools,
And kick down every wall.

To the Doctors and Nurses,
Those on the front line
Is the struggle too much?
Do we really have time?

The foodbanks are open,
Families stand in line
Children going hungry,
A Country in decline.

And if you have a car,
They will make you pay
For they will raise fuel prices,
Every single day.

And you'll work till you’re seventy,
If you live to that long
If you survive the surroundings?
And don't pick your swan song.

The wages have risen,
Are we to be saved?
Or do we continue,
To be so enslaved?

They put money in one hand,
Then just take it back
Our heads above water,
Slowly turning black.

Their aim is to weaken,
And crush us like ants
As they sit in their opulence,
With a drink and a dance.

But if the people can rise,
And stand toe to toe
With our own revolution,
Our ideas can grow.

With people there's power,
And they do not like that
They want us covered in soil,
With a well used epitaph.

If we're under their boots
We've still space to crawl
If we're faced with hostility
We must never face the wall.

With poverty we find strength
As we refuse to give in,
The options are limited,
Our future's seems slim.

And yet we'll be the ones,
Speaking from our own stage
As we spit out our ideas
That will lead to a change.

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