Saturday, January 17, 2015

CD review: BURNING SAVIOURS Boken om förbannelsen (I Hate Records) by Reggae

Boken om förbannelsen
I Hate Records
These guys out of Sweden are producing some really great tunes. This might not appeal to all the fans of popular metal as it stands today; it has a traditional 60s/70’s rock feel… a great analogue warmth that brings to mind the recordings of early Kiss, Hendrix and Pentagram and even the first Sabbath record. Great live band captured just as I would imagine they would play it live. The guys have some great rock chops mixing a traditional blues feel with prototype metal bands for a genuine old school heavy rock feel. The tunes are instantly captivating, they are the kind of tunes that individually don’t stand out on first listen as hit singles but they complement each other perfectly as an album experience. This is a great one to sit alone in the dark and just groove out to… with this release I think individual songs don’t matter as much at the experience as a whole and it’s a great experience. I’ve gone on the record for criticizing new metal productions as being too digital and longing for the days of an analog sounding kit with a traditional rock mastering feel and now it feels like my prayers have been answered. Top notch production but in no way pretentious. -Reggae