Friday, January 23, 2015

CD review: CEPHEIDE De Silence et de Suie (Independent) by Frank Garcia

De Silence et de Suie
Cepheide is an atmospheric black metal band from Paris. No list of members that I could find. The band was formed in the early summer of 2013 and this is their debut demo "De Silence et de Suie" ("Silence and Soot") self released in July 2014.
Silence and Soot is most certainly a demo. The production is raw and dirty which tends to add to the feeling of the overall expression of the genre being projected. The elements do however come across. Open dissonant chords and high screams of agony. The bass lines seem slightly in the background and the guitars have a gritty distorted tone. The drums hold their ground but sometimes become buried in some of the faster grinds.
There are four tracks in total. The majority of arrangements are chaotic and misanthropic. The track Deluge has a captivating opening, with clever dissonant chords and mind bending harmonics. The song II.Là où les Idoles demeurent creates a sorrowful feeling and last for over seven minutes. III.L'Homme Ruine has a very raw production quality which is slightly different than the other three songs. Overall a decent debut. The songs were interesting for the parts that made sense to my ears; the rest was lost in too many things going on at once. It was difficult to obtain what was happening. It’s still worth checking out. -Frank Garcia