Sunday, January 25, 2015

CD review: CRITICAL DISMEMBERMENT Feel My Wrath And Tremble (Independent) by Frank Garcia

Feel My Wrath And Tremble
Critical Dismemberment is a two member band from Arkansas. The project is Chase Fincher and Erik Martin. Genre is described as death metal.
Feel My Wrath And Tremble released on October 31 2014. The opening track is called The Coming and it introduces us to the title track. A decent production. Heavy guitars, the bass and drums are at times in the background but still clear. Vocals are in the mid-range DM style and go from low to high effortlessly. You can hear it in the title track towards the end where it features all three ranges. The Seventh Trumpet Sounds, good song but the drums get to mechanical in certain spots; it’s not bad just not what I like to hear. The Damnation of Elizabeth, the band does note on their Bandcamp they like to combine Nintendo-core with symphonic, well this song would be a very good example of that. Usually I am not into these strange blends but after listening to it a few times I began to enjoy the song. Room 911, interesting title. Guitars have some memorable arpeggio riffing in the beginning which I like. The track is chaotic at times but keeps the high intensity throughout. Nightmares End, the final song, without mentioning the mechanical drums, the rest of the composition is good. catchy rhythm and well blended vocals. In conclusion, the songs are well put together and although I am not into some of the elements they are combining and the drums being overdone in certain parts, I did enjoy listening to it. -Frank Garcia