Thursday, January 29, 2015

CD review: DEAD BECOMES THE SUN The Last Eclipse by Frank Garcia

The Last Eclipse EP
A solid production. Slightly distorted guitars and a decent drum sound. The bass could use some volume but it is not bad, just not as predominant as I like it to sound. Consider that this is a one man project; writing, recording and performing all these compositions requires a great deal of time and effort. The final outcome is a well-defined piece of work in pure black metal fury. A short but uniquely carved journey creating dark roads and atmosphere. The Abyssal Void is the fourth track on this release, I like its reverse riffs and clean acoustic transitions. The song has a way of creeping inside your skull and inspecting your darkest thoughts. A well written piece. The title track "The Last Eclipse" is another one of my favorites from this EP. Classic black metal instrumentation and raw quality guitar tones. Of Fire And Dust is a fast and brutal slab of a song, I really enjoyed the grinding parts and shrill demonic vocals. In conclusion, this is a well-sculpted debut. To accomplish all the work that goes into putting together complex musical arrangements for multiple instruments is a great achievement indeed. -Frank Garcia