Friday, January 30, 2015

CD review: FULLY CONSUMED 2009 Demo by Dave Wolff

2009 Demo
Fully Consumed is a brutal DM band (with an experimental side) from Akron, Ohio. Where Leland Gaunt said he lived temporarily in the film Needful Things if I remember correctly. He must have inspired these guys to start a band, haha. What more can be stated about a band influenced by Pink Floyd and Dream Theater as well as Cannibal Corpse and Hate Eternal? Volumes if you pay close attention to the painstaking workout they undertake on the tracks comprising their demo. It appears the band seeks not only to break the songwriting mold of brutal death but utterly obliterate it while writing an entirely new rulebook. For their three song outing, Fully Consumed come frighteningly close to achieving this, at the very least their ideas seize your attention and compel you to think a little more deeply on how extreme music “should” be approached. As this was so brief I had to replay it a couple times to absorb every characteristic of their music. Once I started to get it I wanted to hear more compositions from them. The transition in moods from “Soul Possession” to “Virtual Vale” stayed with me the longest after I experienced this demo. “Numb Nation” is a solid track as much as the last ones mentioned. I’m anticipating updates about the band’s new material. -Dave Wolff