Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CD Review: AETERNUS PROPHET Exclusion Of Non Dominated Material

Exclusion Of Non Dominated Material
Metal Scrap Records
Aeternus Prophet is a 3 piece, black/death metal project from Fastiv, Ukraine.
Founded in 2010- “Exclusion of Non Dominated Material” is their second full release in 2016.
“Removed Eyes” launches straight into a melodic and technically sound track combined with distinct blackened death elements. Brutal death growls combined with a musically tight background complete with exceptional drum work ensures captivating listening.
“Total Dominance” displays a more grind element to the track- while still displaying the customary blackened death brutality the listener has come to associate with Aeternus Prophet. A musically cohesive and technically tight track allowing the listener to focus on the respective talents of all members.
“Diapause of Thought Processes” utilizes a more technical grind core, death style- displaying another aspect of musical diversity. The brutal and relentless growls are complimented and amplified perfectly by the grinding background music.
“Sick Vision” projects the listener into a melodic and brutal blackened death track. Understated yet complimentary background music perfectly contrasts both the vocals and solos in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.
A grinding, relentless introduction commences “Exclusion of Non- Dominated Material” with a particularly relentless tone to this track. A more brutal death metal approach with systematic instrumental interludes ensures a technically strong track remaining consistent with Aeternus Prophet’s distinctive sound.
“Uncaused Defacement” strikes the listener as a particularly relentless track. Combining brutal vocals with harsh and unapologetically aggressive background music ensures the listener’s attention is captivated by the continual musical diversity.
“Fate will expect your death” displays a more blackened death sound combined with unrelenting brutal vocals. Slightly more melodic than the previous track, it is a welcome track to display the rapid pitch shifts and the cohesiveness of Aeternus Prophet both individually and as a whole.
A more grind- groove aspect is displayed in “Obligated to live” while still remaining consistent with the customary brutality and technical aspects expected of this release. An intense and musically cohesive track complete with a grinding aspect actively suiting “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material” consistently.
“Wipe off the Mark” shows a lower tempo, melodic death metal style combined with brutal growls. Interlaced with intense sections of melancholy brutal instrumental intervals and rapid tempo shifts ensure a technically strong track, which naturally the listener has come to associate with Aeternus Prophet.
“A Look into Eternity” is the concluding track of “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material” with its classical blackened death style and slightly more relaxed feel suited to a musically intense release. While remaining technically and aesthetically sound to Aeternus Prophet distinctive sound, a more melodic, death metal influence is apparent. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Removed Eyes
2. Total Dominance
3. Diapause of Thought Processes
4. Sick Vision
5. Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material
6. Uncaused Defacement 7. Fate Will Expect Your Death...
8. Obliged to Live
9. Wipe off the Mark
10. A Look into Eternity

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