Sunday, September 4, 2016

CD Review: VOID KING There is Nothing

There is Nothing
Now here is a band with a highly original sound in a doom style, performing a concept album without actually ripping off their idols. Solid production, gutsy, clean vocals and a clear differentiation between the guitars and bass. Opening up with the sludgy “Skull Junkie,” this band waste no time in getting their point across. The drummer is dynamic and the band also incorporate a slight blues influence which adds to their execution. “Raise the Flags on Fire” is a slower, brooding piece which continues the themes presented of a marriage of southern rock, doom and blues. The approach to composition means despite the slow, sludgy pace, the listener is kept engaged. “Brandy Knew” has a slightly Kyuss feel to it, though again through sheer determination to forge their own style, Void King take a shrewd approach to a genre which can be hit and miss. “Canyon Hammer” showcases what a force this band are when it comes to upbeat sludge/doom whilst “Healing Crisis” provides a solid closure for the EP. Highly recommended. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Skull Junkie
2. Raise The Flags On Fire
3. Brandy Knew
4. Canyon Hammer
5. Healing Crisis
6. Box Of Knives
7. Release The Hawks
8. That Was Not An Owl (DFI)

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