Friday, September 9, 2016

Video Review: DISCARNATE The Derangement by Sarah McKellar

The Derangement
Live 7/3/16 “Cryptic Hymn Summer Tour 2016” (The Beat Kitchen)
Frank Garcia of Arte Morbid has effectively captured Discarnate’s live stage performance to perfection with the use of a simplistic black and white film. Effectively, this has allowed Discarnate’s raw energy to aurally and visually slam the viewer with their relentless stage presence. The sheer energy and brutality of Discarnate strikes you instantly- it is obvious to the viewer that they are passionate about their music and providing a memorable live experience. The intensity of the guttural death growls are both aggressive and powerful- energizing and skillfully engaging the audience. Combining the energy of the vocals with the diversity and intensity of Discarnate ensures the audience is captivated. This also allows the viewer to appreciate their musically tight style- clearly a testament to their dedication. Discarnate are effortless in their approach to providing an energetic, tight and thoroughly brutal performance. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of their performances and materials. In addition to Discarnate, I also look forward to seeing more of Frank Garcia’s work through Arte Morbid- excellent work in capturing the live essence of a performance and translating it brilliantly through film. Thank you, Frank! -Sarah McKellar

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