Thursday, September 1, 2016

Zine Review: NEW YORK WASTE Summer 2016

NEW YORK WASTE Summer 2016
This New York based punk/underground music paper has been in publication since 1997. The front cover says “for mature readers” and for anyone seeking the latest news of the city’s ungentrified areas. Its Facebook group and community page is regularly updated with information about Manhattan’s underbelly. I received a copy of this issue from Edward X. Young at Haunt Faire 2016 last August. Young is a staff member with Anthony Begnal of Chesty Malone & the Slice ‘Em Ups and several others with their fingers on the pulse so to speak. Content-wise this paper is substance over style, among the most diagrammatic, guiding periodicals in the five boroughs. The music reviews, event reviews, show advertisements, socially conscious comics and articles on the state of living in city apartments have a lot in common with the likes of Maximum Rock N Roll. You get depictions of the industry and what being involved in the lifestyle that you won’t read in most music papers. They are reality based, unsanitized in comparison to papers that emphasize how musicians look on stage or in photo ops. Reading is like meeting someone on the street who attended a few shows recently and getting one-to-one accounts about them. Examples of this are the articles The Bug Days Of Summer, Jezo, 75 Reasons to Celebrate Bob Dylan’s Birthday This Year and Notes from the Grindhouse. These are written with wit and flair exclusive to each writer’s approach to journalism which makes for fulfilling reading. NY Waste is always seeking submissions from new writers; contact for more; at the very least acquire a copy to take in all the information it has to offer; it’s complementary. -Dave Wolff

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