Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CD Review: THE LEGION: GHOST …Two For Eternity

…Two For Eternity
Noizgate Records / Rough Trade
A mixture of Kevin Kearns’ vocal ranges, some clean, others borderline to a newer sound Metallica, the drums very solid, and usage of other tech sounding. They do accurately describe their sound modern metal, but they try to transcend into other subgenres, but never claw themselves into the muck, rather relinquishing the grasp quickly with a metalcore feel. If they chose the coarser vocals then this is a 9 rated album, they however don’t, which sadly lowers the standard, as the music furiously demands the attack at the eardrums, and the rage boiling the younger audience of metal fans. Many of the tracks decent in the length and normally have encouraging start, but the clean vocals at moments lighter, for example on the fourth track Third World Insurance, everything sounds very intense but by 1.30 mark of the track in comes the clean sound vocals, rather than matching the music. It is one thing to hear the female vocals on black metal done with regard transition, or atmospheric content, but the male vocals going from intense and back to a normal range, problematic to some diehard metalheads. In addition, the band does tend to sound a tad like Sparzanza and Eye of the Enemy, which are both very good and cool bands, however, The Legion: Ghost tries too hard on a few of the songs, missing to balance the clean versus metal vocals. By the way, Leifield and Werner on guitars and a good bass line save the overall production, curious to see where they go from here. Lastly, for those that prefer an actual CD rather than MP3s the packaging of their album works very well, and the lyrics included in a nice booklet. Rating: 7/10 -Baron Craze

Track list
1. My
2. Cries in Vain
3. The End of Tides
4. Third World Insurance
5. Carry the Cross
6. Unwelcome
7. Ghost
8. Oblivion
9. Black Rain
10. One for the Pain…
11. The Atomos
12. Ruins
13. Nemesis

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