Sunday, September 4, 2016

Single Review: DEATH DESIGN Drown With Me

Drown With Me
Inverse Records
Offering up a highly produced and polished example of technical death metal, Death Design provide an unrelenting wall of sound in their song “Drown With Me”. Production wise, the bass is a little lacking and the vocals are a tad one dimensional. This is aptly compensated by the intensity of delivery in percussion. Triplet arpeggios offered from the guitarists make the listener sit up and take notice, however there is an element of Deathcore influence in brief breakdowns. To the band’s credit, they keep these to a minimum in order to maintain intensity and purpose of delivery. This is a band I would like to see take a more raw approach to production in studio releases. I also have no doubt Death Design would be a very worthwhile live act to witness. The drumming in this song is worth the effort of listening alone. For fans of Dying Fetus, Carcass, Soilwork and other highly polished technical death metal bands. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Drown With Me

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