Thursday, September 29, 2016

Video Review: DEMON BOY Fly On The Wall by Dave Wolff

Fly On The Wall
The thing about Demon Boy is that his songs have a way of sticking in your head. I know of more than one occasion when the chorus of Party To The Grave would start on autoplay, seemingly out of nowhere. From when he recorded it his work has proven infectious, and he has retained a clear vision of where he wants to be and how he wants to get there. If you’re a devoted fan, you can expect the same from his latest video single, Fly On The Wall. For a standard three and a half minute clip, it shows a tremendous amount of planning, and is indicative of his breaking the rules of what is currently expected of recording artists these days. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new face in shock rock, and DB carries the torch for the groundbreaking acts before him. The video is done D.I.Y. style by DB and a crack team of actors, makeup artists, musicians, camera operators and producers. The song itself is a reimagining of Miley Cyrus’ 2008 single, complete with blood, gore, vampiric beings and a zombie apocalypse. For horror enthusiasts this version is vastly superior to Cyrus’ version. All the radio friendliness is peeled away, animated instead by DB’s approach to song arrangements and concurrent visuals. As he holds his own against a group of attacking undead monsters (portrayed by Andres Posada, Eric Freeze, Michael Ruggiere, Charles Pineda and Jack Pomales) his band (Chris Cyanide, Alex The Axecutioner, Lightning Lou, Skully, Psycho Amaris) provides the soundtrack. The zombie makeup effects provided by Gut Rot Effects are easily comparable with The Walking Dead. There is also minimal CGI in this clip, not overdone as in many big name film productions. Just in time for the Halloween season, this video give the music industry a much needed kick to the balls. -Dave Wolff