Wednesday, November 23, 2016

CD Review: MISANTHROPIC RAGE Gates No Longer Shut

Gates No Longer Shut
Godz Ov War Productions
Misanthropic Rage is a progressive black metal project from Poland. Gates No Longer Shut is their 2016 full length release following their prior EP Qualia. From the opening track- the experimental, Avant garde aspect to Misanthropic Rage is evident. Combining distorted yet melodic vocals with a harsh musical background proves to be a consistent aspect throughout. Relentlessly brutal riffs combined with flawless drum lines provide a chaotic influence to Misanthropic Rage- enhanced by the clean vocals combined with the use of distortion and hard- hitting instrumentals. A continual, experimental attitude is consistent throughout this release, without taking away any credit from the musical diversity displayed. A distinct, blast beat influenced track in “Niehowdlawny” provides an insight into Misanthropic Rage’s raw, black metal influences while still remaining consistent with their experimental and avant-garde quality. With a consistently experimental and melodic approach provided towards the end of Gates No Longer Shut provides yet another insight to Misanthropic Rage. Consistently pushing the boundaries of progressive black metal in a consistently brutal wave of noise. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. In A Blind Dimension
2. Gates No Longer Shut
3. I, The Redeemer
4. Into The Crypt
5. Niehodowlany
6. Cross Hatred
7. I Took The Fate In My Hands

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