Monday, November 7, 2016

EP Review: NARTHRAAL "Chainsaw Killing Spree" (Independent) by Simon Brown

Opening up with a very doom influenced riff in “Million Graves to Fill,” Narthraal get down to business. Originating from the Capital Region in Iceland, Narthraal is an old school death metal band with doom and grind influences which makes for a very interesting mix. Production is intentionally muddy, but this serves to enhance the overall atmosphere of the recording. Musically, this band are very tight and technically accomplished. Nice use of tapping guitar solos which seem to have gone out of favour in recent years is in my mind a breath of fresh air into what can be a tired genre. There is a strong Dismember and Entombed influence here, even shades of Repugnant shine through at times. My only criticism of this release is that it’s too short. At two songs only in the release, it seems a misnomer to be called an EP, more perhaps a 7” release, a demo or a single. Having said that, what counts is the music and it is of a very good quality. Highly recommended. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1.    Million Graves to Fill
2.    Descent into Darkness

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