Friday, November 4, 2016

Video Review: UPON SHADOWS Geometry of Music by Simon Brown

Geometry of Music (featuring Kimmo Luttinen - drums)
Uruguay/Finnish blackened/gothic outfit Upon Shadows deliver an almost trance like number in “Geometry of Music”. The music sounds if Hypocrisy and Nocturnal Depression were to combine to achieve an end result. The end result is a well-produced, slow paced exploration of sadness, death and lyrical nod towards ancient beliefs. Kimmo Luttinen of Beherit and Catemania fame lends his percussion skills, giving credence to the black metal influence Upon Shadows hold close. The setting for the clip was a studio which is a well-trodden path, however some nice editing effects were used. There is nothing particularly ground breaking about this release, however it is quite enjoyable. If the mood calls for something heavy but not fast, I would seek this band out if wanting to relax as I find the keyboards and atmosphere quite calming. “Geometry of Music” was recorded in Oulu, Finland and Montevideo, Uruguay. Mixed and mastered by Mika Pohjola at Soundmix recording studio, Oulu, Finland. -Simon Brown

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