Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Video Review: OVERTURES Repentance by Sarah McKellar

Overtures is an Italian based melodic heavy metal project formed in 2003. “Repentance” is taken from their 2016 full- length release, “Artifacts”. The melodic heavy metal influence is immediately apparent from the opening chords- adding a particularly epic feel to this track. The vocals are distinctly strong and consistent throughout “Repentance” with the mix of clean and raw vocals add an interesting contrast serving to engage the listener. Screaming riffs combined with harmonizing guitar solos display the more traditional side of Overtures’ heavy metal influence- while still remaining consistent with the melodic aspect of “Repentance”. Evocative lyrics combined with a highly emotional delivery are another notable aspect of “Repentance” – appearing to be another musical feature of Overtures’ distinctive sound. The cohesiveness and cadence of Overtures’ releases are both fluid and engaging to the listener- all musical aspects are left to be appreciated by the listener. -Sarah McKellar

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