Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CD Review: NOCTURNE "Nocturne" (Unlight Productions) by Sarah McKellar

Nocturne are a black metal project formed in 2006 based in France. “Nocturne” is their 2016 full length release. Old school black metal influences are apparent from the opening track of “Nocturne”- as is their slightly blackened death approach instantly capturing the listener’s attention. Relentlessly brutal, forceful vocals contrasted with clean vocal intervals allow the unrelenting, musical background to be appreciated while remaining uncompromising to Nocturne’s distinctive, ear-blasting sound. Highly consistent and cohesive- “Nocturne” displays an impressively brutal, musically tight release. Strong drum work throughout this release is a quality to be noted- balanced within an equally strong musical background allowing all aspects of Nocturne to be appreciated. Polished, yet uncompromisingly brutal aspects are a distinct feature of Nocturne- while their ability to switch musical styles flawlessly provides an insight and another aspect to “Nocturne”. Cadence and pitch changes are utilized frequently ensuring a musically strong and diverse aspect - while remaining Nocturne’s intensity proven to be consistent throughout this release. The occultist influences are highly demonstrated within the lyrics- accentuated by the haunting, clean vocals in the concluding track “Sign of the Dark”.A definite exercise in brutal, technical black metal and versatility. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Return To Chaos
2. Eleven
3. Into the Great Below
4. Udinbak
5. Nocturne
6. Ama Lilith
7. He Before Whom The Sky Shakes
8. Son Of Darkness
9. Sign Of The Dark

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